Thursday, October 10, 2013

Google mail IMAP Error

Hi, This is my first post.
My employer uses gmail as corporate email. I access to gmail IMAP servers from my PC and mobile. In the last a few days I started getting Too many simultaneous IMAP connections  error from both devices.
Gmail IMAP server has a limitation like max. 10 connections. But how come my email clients can open so many connections?
I first suspected that someone hacked my email account and changed my email password.  No solution. Then I've searched the web and found this useful post!topic/gmail/0bRLzEjec-M

Checked my gmail with web browser and seen that my mobile device email client has created multiple sessions. How come?  My cell phone connects to internet with wifi or 3g whichever is available. In the last a few days the wifi had some problems. So the cell phone keeps changing the IP address between 3g and wifi. For each new IP, email client creates a new connection so the limit of IMAP is reached.
The solution: I have disabled the wifi on the mobile until it's permanently fixed.