Friday, June 13, 2014

mscorsvw.exe High CPU and disk activity

After updating Visual Studio 2013, I observed high disk and cpu activity on process mscorsvw.exe The folder under c:\windows\temp has many log files like MSIc4905.LOG, MSIc0dff.LOG totaling a few gigabytes. When I checked those log files I've seen the following line ******* Product: {9C593464-7F2F-37B3-89F8-7E894E3B09EA} Reinstalling VS 2013 is recommended but it didn't work for me. This is a key for a component of Visual Studio which I don't need. I've searched the registry for {9C593464-7F2F-37B3-89F8-7E894E3B09EA} Deleted every key matching and CPU restored back to normal, Visual Studio is running fine.

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